For the last few weeks I have had such a sense of euphoria and thinking what a wonderful BEAUTIFUL world we live in. My life is truly magical and amazing!  I am embarking on some very exciting new opportunities.

Last week I received a copy of my first published book and I can not tell you the feeling I had holding it in my hands!  I wanted to shout it to the world and celebrate till the cows came home!

But then my euphoric bubble burst and I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Why am I so blessed when so much turmoil is happening all around me?

Friends and co-workers living not so far away are experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in many years.  Entire cities have been flooded by rising rivers due to torrential rains.  Major destruction and devastation has affected several cities in southern Alberta.   Many people have lost homes and possessions and over a 100,000 people have been evacuated. 

I have a very close friend whose family has had some health issues and are struggling financially with the poor economic situation in the US.

My step-dad has been diagnosed with malignant liver cancer.

And I am wanting to celebrate?!?

I had to take a step back and put things into perspective.  Even though things are wonderful in my world, this is not the case for  many others.

There are lessons in all of our experiences and what I have learned this week is this:

I need to be grateful and continue to focus on the positive and all the wonderful things happening in my life - and yes, I deserve to celebrate and not feel guilty! Thank You God!

AND I also need to have compassion and sensitivity and not be oblivious to those who may be suffering and provide love, support, understanding and assistance  in any way I can.  That is what I know for sure!  Be well and stay safe!




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