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    When I was a young girl, I watched the movie The
Rose, based on the life of Janis Joplin and starring Bette Midler. Bette plays Mary Rose Foster, a young woman whose music career is beginning to take off. Throughout the movie we witness her wonderful, exciting life as she goes onto fame, fortune, and a life some only dream about.
    Then, as sometimes happens, the fame becomes too much
for her, and she starts to spiral out of control. She turns to drugs
and alcohol, which destroys her career, relationships, and, in the
end, her life.
    I loved the movie, especially the theme song, “The Rose.” I
grew up in a musical family, so music has always been a part of
my life—a passion even. Music moves me and touches my soul,
and singing helps me express my feelings. So shortly after seeing
the movie I bought the music and lyrics for “The Rose.” I came
home, sat down at the piano, and learned to play it.

    One day my dad heard me singing it and said, “That is a beautiful song, Carla.” From then on, any time I sat at the piano, he would ask me to sing it. My mom and sisters would harmonize with me. It became my trademark, and even now, years later, anytime we have a family get-together, when the guitars come out, I am requested to sing “The Rose.” 
    Funny thing is, for all those years I sang the song, I never really resonated with the true meaning of the words. Now, I am blown away by how it has represented my life.

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