After almost 11 years my brothers and sisters decided it was time to grant our dad his last wish of being spread on the mountain where we lived and grew up.  He loved his home in Whitecourt on the mountain.  He spent many days riding horseback through the trails and he especially loved the view when he made it to the top.  He also loved Tiger Lilies, especially the one's he saw growing wild on the trails where he would ride.  Birch trees were another favorite of his.  He loved them so much he planted one right outside the window of our home where he could see it as he sat in his favorite chair in the kitchen.
    On the morning of the day we were planning to spread his ashes I was very emotional and did a lot of reflecting and crying.  I missed him so and today I was feeling it more than other days.  I know without a doubt that he is still with us and I talk to him on many occasions.  On this day I wanted so much just to have a sign that he was still here and I kept asking him, Dad, show us a sign. 
    He wanted his ashes spread on top of the mountain that he loved.  We drove up to where we thought would be a good spot.  Once we parked our vehicles, we had to climb a steep hill to get to where we thought would be the perfect spot.  We walked a little ways on the trail and in a small clearing was one huge birch tree standing on its own.  Was this a sign? 
    We went about our ritual of everyone taking a turn to spread some ashes.  We then dug a hole to plant his urn  and a tiger lily so that we would have a marker to go visit if we wanted to.  There on the one loan birch tree was carved J L.  His name was Vernon John Lindgren, another sign?
    We saved a few ashes to spread down below as our mom wasn't able to climb the steep hill on the mountain, we looked for a spot to plant another lily, and there by the side of the road was another small birch tree growing amongst the other brush.  This indeed was another sign.
    The final one we received while we were up on top of that mountain, as soon as we spread all of his ashes, at the most perfect moment the sun peaked through the cloudy sky and shone brightly down smiling down on us and hugging us with its warmth.  Yes, it too was a sign. 
    This day was the most perfect way to pay tribute to our father.  We fulfilled his wishes by spreading his remains on the mountain he so loved with a beautiful view, by the trees he loved, and made a marker for him with the flowers he loved.  Having all of his children, and grandchildren and wife there to pay this tribute to him will stay in my heart for ever.  He has given us signs through out the years that he is still here with us and still loves us with all his heart, and he gave us plenty of signs that day.  Thank you Dad for the Signs!  Hope you enjoyed your ride and know you will love the view!

In loving memory,




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