For Valentine's Day, I wanted to share with you a love story.  A love story that is short but sweeter than the most decadent chocolate on earth. It is about a beautiful lady, my mom Irene, and my step-dad Lynn Marshall.  He came into our lives very unexpectedly.  Six years ago mom went to the Senior's Centre and Lynn asked her to dance.  They danced beautifully together, and they have been dancing ever since. 

Not long after she met Lynn we noticed a big difference in our mom.  She was smiling all the time.  She was giggling like a schoolgirl. We asked her what was making her so happy, as we hadn’t seen her smile so much since before our dad died.   She said, “I think I’m in love!”

It was a love affair like no other.  They acted like high school sweethearts.  They were always holding hands, would sit side-by-side, and spent every minute together.

Six months later Mom and Lynn were married.  He was 82; she was 77.  We were very happy for them, but as any  child would say to their mother, are you sure about this?  Are you rushing into things?  Both her and Lynn responded, “No, at this age we don’t have a lot of time to waste.”

We had never seen our mom so happy.  Lynn made her laugh often.  He would sing little ditties to her.  I am not sure if they were actual songs or if he made them up.  If he did, he was a great poet.

This man we now called Dad was in better shape at 82 than most people half his age.  You would see him cycling down the highway, going distances of 40 kms or more.  Going up hill was nothing for him, while most of us would have to get off and walk the bike up.

He had his own vocabulary.  I think he made up his own words.  We would call and ask him how he was and he would say, “I am supermelagorgeous”, and we would laugh.

He was strong in his beliefs and values and had no problem expressing them.  He believed in hard work and did it all of his life.  He was always busy working in the yard and around the house.

He raised three wonderful children, our stepbrothers and sister, making eleven children between them.  His children loved our mom the same way we loved him.

Lynn, or “Dad” passed away this week.  Our mom has to endure another broken heart.  Even though it was a short time, he made a huge impact on our lives, but the thing that makes me most grateful is how happy he made her.  Their love was rare and true. They showed us that true love can happen at any age.

How lucky Mom was to find him.  RIP Dad, thank you for all you have given us.  Thank you and your children, Debbie, Brady, and Bob for coming into our lives, making mom laugh, and loving her with all your hearts.  You truly made the last years of her life much more rosey.

With Love on Valentine's Day,



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