In previous posts I wrote about how I suffered from depression for fifteen years.  I tried every conventional treatment there was with no relief.  I read many books and studied many success and spiritual gurus to find the answers I was so desperately seeking.  They all said the same thing!  “The answers lie within.  We are spiritual beings, we have the ability to choose our thoughts, and our bodies are just a vessel.

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I finally decided I would take a shot at it, what did I have to lose?  I desperately tried to find this soul that they spoke about.  I didn’t know how to go about it at first and it was really hard work but I kept at it, because the alternative was rather dismal.  I started meditating and writing in a gratitude journal daily.  Huh, that was hard!   What the hell did I have to be grateful for? I started monitoring my thoughts and forced myself to replace the negative, ugly thoughts with good and positive ones.  I started spending time in nature, just sitting and reveling in its beauty.  I played soothing beautiful music; I sat in silence and just listened.  And soon, very soon, my world around me began to change.  I felt more at peace.  I wasn’t as angry as I once was.  The black cloud began to lift and I felt happier.  Hmmmm, maybe there was something to this. 

One day while sitting in the silence I heard a voice say loud and clear!  Your happiness is inside of you!   WOW! Really?  Who the heck is this talking to me?

Through all of this soul searching I had many aha moments but the biggest one that came to me was that I LIVE in a physical body, I HAVE an intellect (mind), but I AM a spiritual being.  My soul is my spirit, and when I took the time to nurture it, listen to it, understand it, and not be afraid of it, my whole life changed!

To be continued….

May you find your soul,



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