Yup, my typical day has certainly changed since Hailey and Tyson came to live with us.  I went from thinking only about myself, doing what I like, and having "my own" time to getting them up and out the door for school, ensuring they have all their "stuff" for the day, going to the school to deliver what they forgot, attending award ceremonies, Christmas concerts and Parent Teacher Interviews; running them to taekwondo and swimming lessons, to friend's houses and the library to get more books for them to read; taking them shopping for Halloween costumes or school projects or more clothes and shoes because they are growing out of them; encouraging them to go outside to play and get some exercise rather than sit at a screen all day;  catching up on so many more loads of laundry and dishes; ensuring their homework is done, lunches are made, baths are done,  and that they have brushed their teeth; then giving them a hug, "I love you" and kiss them good night.

Ahhhh.... now I will return all the texts, emails and phone calls; do all the owed visits and blogging that I have neglected to do.  

And I wouldn't change a single thing! <3



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