As I struggle to understand the recent events in Paris, Beirut, Syria and other parts of the world, it is very difficult NOT to be angry and fearful.  I have been asking myself, "What is a better way to understand and deal with this."  I do not want to come from a place of fear and hatred, but from a place of hope, love and tolerance. 

Scrolling through the hundreds of Facebook messages, most of them negative, I came across this Facebook post from Neale Donald Walsh, author of the Conversations With God book series. 

It brought me great comfort and hope that there is a possibility for a better world, and solution to all the turmoil.  It is a very long read but one I encourage you to indulge in, and if you are so inclined, I also encourage you to read the Conversations with God series as reading those books changed my life and perspective.

A simple yet powerful message in the Facebook post is this:  If we all understood and accepted this it would be the end of all war, poverty and suffering.  So I invite you to send this message out, as Neale has, to everyone you come in contact with. 

If  we  want  our children and our children's children to know the  beauty  of   the   world   and   not   its   ugliness,  we can start by sharing this:

We are all one!
Ours   is   not   a   better   way,   ours   is   merely  another  way.

Click here to read the inspirational words of Neale Donald Walsh




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