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  Growing up, Carla, and her family the Lindgrens, faced many challenges and hardships. Through a series of heartbreaking events, her self-esteem diminished and her feelings of inadequacy as a woman caused her to spiral into a deep depression. Battling obesity and infertility kept her in the depths of despair for fifteen long, agonizing years.
     Just at the time when she thought she would go over the edge, tragic events miraculously saved her from doing the unthinkable and created "the shift" she needed and gave her the hope and will to live again. Through her challenges and adversities, she learned her biggest lessons and was able to find joy and happiness.
    Through Thorns I Thrive is a story of a journey through hell, of heartache and pain, coming out the other side and finding heaven here on earth. It offers inspiration and hope that there is a way out of the darkness, and that love, for oneself, for others, and for God, is the answer and heals all wounds.

What others are saying about
Through Thorns I Thrive

A daring exposé of Carla’s most important journey—the voyage from her ego,
separation, and aloneness to the one she really is. It is a wonderful example of
one’s actual life being the pathway home.”

Stephen Garrett
Author, When Death Speaks

“Carla courageously exposes her life’s lessons and gifts them to all readers
displaying that there is hope when one chooses to uncover their emotional blocks,
clear them and incorporate proven methodologies and techniques to achieve a state
of happiness and well being that all humans desire. Her journey could be your
journey and as such a healing path awaits the reader.”

Kieron Sweeney
Mindset Coach and Transformational Trainer

“This book is food for your soul. I laughed, I cried, and I felt deeply touched,
moved, and inspired. As you read through the pages you will be swept away on
a heartfelt journey from challenges to blessings in disguise.”

Darren Jacklin
Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Angel Investor

“We are born for a very important reason. No one is exempt from that. Carla’s
personal journey will give so many people permission to find their courage to
discover just how amazing and important they are to all of Humanity! Share
this book with someone who can benefit from the intimate inspiration that Carla
generously gives.”

Deborah M Borges, LSC, RHN
Personal Responsibility Expert

“Carla’s book is an inspiring lesson on how you can turn your life around with
hard work. This book reminded me about all the strategies she has taught me
through her life courses that have helped me to be positive and grateful. It is truly
from her soul; thank you for sharing your passion with the world. My hope is that
she can reach more people like myself, to change their lives and the ones around
them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Your biggest fan,
Donna Hagglund

“Through Thorns I Thrive is a journey taken through the heart of a woman
who found the courage to overcome many of the challenges we as mothers, sisters,
and wives are forced to confront at one time or another in our lives. Carla’s story
is heartrending and real, transforming and inspiring.”

Sandy Bucholtz
Author, Letters From Heaven Love Mom xo

A spiritual, heartfelt journey from chaos to coherence. Carla has written a
heartfelt narrative of a life worth the struggle when it leads to happiness and

Christopher Cribb
Certified LifeSuccess Consultant~Recruiter
Certified Passion Test Facilitator

“Through Thorns I Thrive is a book that, once you start, you can’t put
down! It’s inspiring and touches the reader in a personal way. As we read each
well-written chapter we were pulled deeper into the candid story of Carla’s life.
By opening her heart and soul she helps us all see that we are human and we
can choose to believe in ourselves and our capacity to conquer life struggles. Carla
lovingly provides hope, understanding, and guidance to the hurting or struggling

Rick and Leisa Olson
Parent/Family Coaches, Authors, Creators of the F.U.S.E. Family Programs
Certified LifeSuccess Consultants

I couldn't put it down! Great book!!!!
Kari Robinson

I laughed, I cried, it was amazing! I couldn't put it down...
Jodie Velthuizen

It was very good! It totally draws you in from start to finish. Excellent work!

Alison Roberts

I read it in one sitting and LOVED it!
Terry Lindgren